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Grappa is an authenticated digital reputation network built on accomplishments and skills - not narratives.

developer checkDeveloper
Master of Computer Science

University of Southern California • 2018 - 2020

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Solidity Grant Completed

Issued by user Esther Howard

Hackathon Winner 2202

Issued by ETH NYC

Badges examples:

Top 5% Graduate CS Major

Top 5% Graduate CS Major

By HarvardHarvard

badge user
badge user
badge user


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Showcase Skills & Achievements

Collect badges that represent your professional journey, demonstrate your skills, and open up new opportunities.

As you progress in your career, your reputation will develop, and others can offer you tokens in order to engage with you.

checkWeb3 Dev Expert

Badges collected

Launched a product

Issued by Product Hunt • 2020

Master of Computer Science

Harvard • 2018 - 2020

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Issued badges:
Junior Graphic Designer

Issued to Wade Warren

Master Code PHP

Issued to Esther Howard

Manager Endorsement

Issued to Leslie Alexander


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Earn Your Reputation

Create badges for achievements and distribute them to people whose work you endorse.

As your referrals’ reputation grows, yours improves alongside it, and you receive tokens as a reward.

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Find Verified Talent

Search for promising employees based on the badges they’ve earned.

Use the tokens you’ve collected to start the conversation.

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Bessie Cooper

Web3 Developer • 5 badges


Jenny Wilson

Web3 Developer • 10 badges


Darrel Steward

Web3 Developer • 7 badges


How Grappa Works

Grappa is setting the information pipes and aligning the incentives allowing users to get verified badges representing their former professional engagements.


Jane.eth is a smart contract developer, she completed a grant for Polygon DAO, deploying an EVM Smart Contract

When the project was finished, Polygon DAO minted a badge for specifying the project scope.

Talent’s Badges

Jane.eth holds additional badges from more issuers

Among her badges she has a badge for her MS in Computer Science from USC. She holds an endorsement badge from a Web3 VC as a “Top 10 Up-and-Coming Web3 Developer” and a Smart Contract Developer badge from the time she worked at Coinbase, specifying the projects she worked on.


Mike from MetaMask is looking for new Solidity developers

He finds Jane.eth on Grappa, seeing the badges and reputation score, he can immediately understand her skills and her compatibility with the role. Mike uses Grappa tokens to send Jane.eth a message and start the hiring process.

Badge Issuer

Badge star All Badges and Badge Issuers have a reputation score that showcases their value

Coinbase, Polygon DAO and VC Partners receive a token payout for their role in Jane.eth’s career development and their reputation grows.

What we are building
What we are building

What We’re Building

Grappa is building a world wherein your capabilities are reflected by the on-chain badges you collect.

We’re building a new digital reputation platform that helps people showcase their authenticated professional stories. Grappa aligns the incentives between all the players in the talent ecosystem, badge Issuers reputation is tied to the value of their badges, aligning their incentives to mint meaningful badges. creating a system where people can easily understand and trust each other.

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Backed by leading investors

Mensch Capital Partners
North Island Ventures
Corner Ventures

and executives from

Ava Labs
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Grappa’s Reputation Principles

An effective reputation system reduces the friction required to build trust between people.



With Grappa, users own their badges, which means they are in control of their professional story. False badges can’t be created, and earned badges can’t be taken away. The result is empowered talent who can share their verified reputation on their own terms.



Every piece of information in the system is signed by an Issuer, vouching for the credibility and value of the data. Valuable badges will increase Issuers’ and Talent’s reputations, leading to trusted endorsements.



Grappa’s reputation system is open and permissionless, without any gatekeepers or institutions. This allows market forces to work, ensuring the best information rises to the top.


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