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Grappa is an endorsement-based professional network connecting founders, senior executives and investors.

developer checkVP of Product


Issued by David Lane

CPO @ Checkpoint, A leader in Cyber Security Solutions

“We worked closely together at Microsoft, she is one of the best product leaders out there with extensive experience in B2B, SaaS and cyber security”

ML Project Leader

Issued by Apple

Master of Computer Science

Issued by Stanford University

Showcase Your Skills & Achievements

Grappa gives you the power to tell your professional story based on your actual top skills and accomplishments, backed and recommended by others.

checkProduct Manager


Issued by Jacob Turner

VP Product @ Google Health

“Brilliant deep-tech coder who led some of Google Health's most successful products under my management”

Issued badges:


Issued by Jane Cooper

VP Product @ Amazon

Samuel displayed exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of product management”

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Bessie Cooper

Product Manager • 5 badges


Jenny Wilson

Product Manager • 10 badges


Darrel Steward

Product Manager • 7 badges


How Grappa Works

Grappa creates an alignment of incentives between our different users: talents, badge issuers and engagers looking to hire, invest or connect to entrepreneurs and other users.

How it works
What we are building
What we are building

What We’re Building

Grappa is building a world where your capabilities are reflected by badges given by others, showcasing your skills and achievements.

If you are looking to invest in, recruit or find co-founders, you know that existing tools to evaluate talent can’t be trusted. Resumes and social accounts are full of self-promoting narratives. Grappa is building the next generation of the talent ecosystem based on merits, skills, and capabilities - told by other real users through on-chain badges. The reputation of users who endorse others is tied to the value of their badges, which aligns their incentives to give meaningful badges, get valuable intros outside their network, and strengthen their reputation while doing so.

This creates the first verified reputation network, elevating excellence and skills to a universally trusted and understood language.

Grappa’s Reputation Principles

An effective reputation system reduces the friction required to build trust between people.



With Grappa, users own their badges, which means they are in control of their professional story. False badges can’t be created, and earned badges can’t be taken away. The result is empowered talent who can share their verified reputation on their own terms.



Every piece of information in the system is signed by an Issuer, vouching for the credibility and value of the data. Valuable badges will increase Issuers’ and Talent’s reputations, leading to trusted endorsements.



Grappa’s reputation system is open and permissionless, without any gatekeepers or institutions. This allows market forces to work, ensuring the best information rises to the top.


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